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Founded in 2014, we wanted to create bikes built to empower kids and keep them included in family biking activities.

A bicycle launches a little boy or girl into a brand new world. That’s not to say that your child has to be a daredevil to love riding a bike. When a kid pushes off on his or her bike and rides to: the mailbox, the store, the park or to school, they become actively engaged, blazing their own paths to independence.

At Cleary Bikes, we believe that riding a bicycle should be fun. It certainly shouldn’t be stressful or scary. Which is why our lightweight kids bicycles are made to thrill children – physically, mentally and most of all, safely.

Based in beautiful Sausalito, California, the Cleary Bikes team has been riding bikes since we first threw a leg over the banana seat on a second-hand Huffy Dragster. We pedaled on through mountain bikes, road bikes, cross bikes, time-trial bikes – and then bikes for our children. And that's when it became clear: kids bikes needed something better. So we sought out to do just that.



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